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Property development and rental

L. Mooyman from Properti B.V. at BlueCity
Photography by Sophie de Vos

We’re a small property development investment and rental company with great passion for the business. Through a personal approach we try to achieve a high level of service. The founders Lennard and Wouter started the company in 2014 and are proud they made it to the company that it is now.

Development and decoration of our apartments
During development we make the apartments as comfortable as possible. Our philosophy is that we develop it as if we’re going to live there ourselves. We go further than the competition which results in apartments with a comfy homely feel and ready to move in to.

Our apartments excel in decoration and practicality. Most apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped with e.g. pots pans cutlery washing and drying machine flatscreen TV beds and mattresses. You only have to bring your suitcase and start enjoying the urban live!

Temporarily homes
Next to renting out our own apartments we are on the look out to buy non-residential properties. We want to develop and transform them into temporarily homes for people who are in desperate need of one. Created for divorced parents, medical professionals and young people in need of help. Please contact us if you come across an interesting property that we can develop into new (temporarily) homes.

History and company name
One of the founders, Lennard Mooyman, started his first company ‘Adviesburo Mooyman’ in 2007. A consulting agency with the focus on real estate services like energy consults, energy labeling and renovation/investment consults. After 7 years of giving advice to real estate investors and developers, Lennard and his long life friend Wouter started their own real estate development and investment company named Properti B.V./AreYouBeingHoused

The company name originated from the Dutch-Indonesian background of both Wouter and Lennard. Properti (with an ‘i’) is the Indonesian word for (you guessed it) property.
From March 2022 we added the name AreYouBeinghoused to our company name for communcation purposes. We wanted a more friendly and less business name.
Lennard’s experience and knowledge comes to great use in AreYouBeingHoused/Properti B.V. and results in a successful company with satisfied tenants. In 2019 Lennard’s girlfriend Sonia came to enforce the company. She has proven to be a great asset as a project manager. Next to that she is a jack of all trades and keeps the motor oiled.

Wouter and Lennard are also one the co-founders of BlueCity A circular example city and circular hub where start ups and other businesses proof that circular economy is the new economy.

Our goals: 

Properti B.V./AreYouBeingHoused has to goal to grow through investing in non-residential properties which can be transformed into emergency / temporarily homes. Especially created for e.g. medical professionals, divorced parents and all other people in desperate need of a temporarily home.

Renting out apartments:
We rent out our own apartments to expats, young professionals and international students. All our apartments will be displayed on this website with an availability status. Click here to check out our apartments. Listings

Buying (your) properties:
Next to renting out apartments we were always on the lookout for new investments in apartments, houses or any other real estate. If someone wanted to sell his house or real estate without any hassle, brokerage fees, viewings and above all a fast transaction, we would like to make a non-binding offer. We are honest and transparent.

We have been able to buy several apartments with the utmost satisfaction from the former owners.
Currently we have upgraded our business plans and prefer to buy non-residential properties above existing homes. We would like to transform them and create new homes for people in need. In this way we contribute to the solution to the housing shortage.
Never the less we are still very interested in your residential homes. Click here for more info – sell your property –

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